Saturday, August 26, 2017

How I Clean My Jewelry & My Engagement Ring Reveal!

A couple of weeks ago, I dug out my Tiffany jewelry and decided it was time to start wearing them again. I was so disappointed to see that they had started to yellow but since it is in their nature if not worn often enough or if not cleaned regularly, I broke out my favorite jewelry cleaner - Pink Lady Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner - to fix the problem! 

I personally bought this particular set but I feel like I could've gotten away with only getting the polishing cream and the little tub of cleaner (smaller set here) because I very rarely let my jewelry get super dirty - since working in a jewelry department I get very OCD about it.
And also, I don't have an ultrasonic - which - by the way, I absolutely recommend if you're rough on your jewelry or work in food or any environment where you're using your hands a lot and your jewelry can get exposed to dirt and oils. You will also need a polishing cloth, so here is Amazon's #1 best seller - I actually stole the ones I have from my work (lol) and they order from another supplier that unfortunately we - as consumers aren't able to get our hands on. 

This product is super safe on many different types of metals and stones - even pearls! It is actually made right here in Washington state with biodegradable ingredients and is alcohol, ammonia, and acid free!*

But anyways - I'll get on with the quick step process to clean and beautifully polished jewelry!

1/ Polish: 
Scoop up a little dime size of polishing cream - depending on the size of the piece of jewelry you're cleaning - and apply it directly to your jewelry. Then use the polishing cloth and buff the jewelry. With this, you will instantly see any and all tarnish come off! You might have to work it a little bit especially if it has little crevices and corners or whatnot but it will make a world of a difference. 

2/ Sit (if you're cleaning by hand): 
Drop your ring, earrings, or necklace into the little tub of cleaner for about 5 minutes, 10 if it's really dirty.

3/ Brush (if you're cleaning by hand) or Ultrasonic: 
If you're cleaning by hand, take the piece out and use the little brush that comes with the cleaner and clean any leftover polishing cream or dirt. I highly recommend doing this over a paper towel and if it's really dirty, in a big bowl of warm water - just so that it helps clean the dirt out. 

If you're using an ultrasonic, you can either dilute some of the cleaner fluid with water and use it in the ultrasonic (measurements are 2/3 water and 1/3 cleaner), or use plain water and turn on the machine and let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. And because I'm OCD with cleaning my jewelry - I'll go and look it over myself and use the brush one more time, if needed. 

After this, you don't need to go back and rinse it though you can if you want. I simply just take another clean and dry polishing cloth to dry my jewelry. 

Depending on how often you wear your jewelry or if you use your hands a lot - you're safe to use this on the daily if you wish, but I personally use it once every few months or whenever my jewelry starts to tarnish. 

The Backstory to My Engagement Ring: 

I started working in 2014 and I quickly got myself into a management position in the jewelry department of a local department store where my love for fine jewelry began. Over my two and a half years at the department store, I collected several pieces from rings to earrings and necklaces and bracelets... I was determined to own a little bit of everything! 

I was only working there about 6 months before I decided to take the plunge and get this ring... It is a 14K white gold 1.5 diamond carat total weight bridal set by David Tutera! It was super discounted and with my employee discount, we got such an incredible deal on it. Mark agreed to pay for half of it as we chose it to be my 3 year anniversary present! And I know what you're probably thinking - we're insane - but he loved it, I love it, we could afford it, so why not? 

Now, skip forward to December 2016 - Mark and I discussed getting married and my engagement ring and while we did look (mostly me), I liked several rings and Mark just didn't feel the same about any of the other rings as the one we already had. Up until about almost 2 months ago? He was looking on and we saw one we both liked but for whatever reason I just couldn't just put my foot down and order it. 

I finally just said that I just wanted to use the one we had, and I'm so glad it's the one we're using. It's saving us money and I absolutely love it - I could never ever part with it and it already has a wedding band! 

And since I have such a love for rings, I can't always be wearing the same one. I have maybe close to 20 rings? Some of them are "engagement" rings but nonetheless, they get worn on rotation. So I'm really happy with my decision to just use the one I love already and I know that eventually I'll get another one if I really want to - if and when he and I find another one we both love as much. 

Thanks so much for reading today! If you have any questions whatsoever about jewelry or jewelry care please feel free to comment down below, I'd be happy to answer! 
- Kaylee 💋

*Please, please, please - if you order from Amazon - read the entire page for the directions/description for the jewelry cleaner as it may be harmful to certain metals or stones! I would hate for anyone to use the product that I love so much and end up ruining their special jewelry.  💕

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