Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mark's 21st Birthday | Summer Vacation

Mark's stepdad's grandparents house - SunCity West, Arizona

Yes! We celebrated Mark's birthday in Vegas! We actually landed in Phoenix, AZ to stay with Mark's mom and stepdad and little sister for a day so we could drive down to Vegas with them the next.

WorldMark Resort - Las Vegas, Nevada

And Mark's stepdad's parents so kindly rented us an apartment at the WorldMark Resort on Las Vegas Boulevard. The first day we got there we went out to town around 7 at night while the sun was coming down - the weather was still at 100 degrees! (And actually not at all like what I was expecting it to be.) Mark's stepdad so kindly bought us some drinks to get us started and Mark, his first shot of Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea vodka, which he loved and actually tastes pretty good in a tall glass of actual sweet tea! 😃

We walked all over town, stopping in at all the hotels to be a little touristy and take tons of pictures of everything there was to look at. We visited the Hard Rock Cafe, the M&M World store, the Hershey's store... The Bellagio fountain, the erupting volcano, White Castle - which I was super disappointed in (nasty). 

The next day, we were up early at 8 am sharp to come down and swim in the pool! This particular resort had a lazy river in it and we spent some time floating and just enjoying the summer sun before it hit high noon. 

We also got to play some big checkers (I technically won but we both forgot how to play the game for the first 15 minutes, lol). I plan to get one of these sets for my backyard, I love them!!

Bellagio Fountain - Las Vegas, Nevada

We went out to town the rest of the day and made a quick stop into at the Cosmopolitan and got ourselves some Starbucks! I know - typical Seattlites here - we need that coffee! 

Here is my grande iced cold brew which I ran over to the bar and got a shot of Kahlua and Bailey's for a nice price tag of a total of $36. I could've done without the Kahlua but it was delicious! 

Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Nevada

If you were to ask me, the Cosmopolitan would be the best place to stay at - I absolutely love the hotel (definitely my kind of scenery) and the area it's at, the only downfall for me is that it can be very pricey and very busy! This is the next hotel we're going to be staying at when we head down to Vegas our next time. 

All in all this was an amazing trip, we're so grateful for Mark's family for helping us make this trip possible and making his 21st birthday so special!

I will try and get a gallery set up so I can post some more of our pictures, these are definitely not all of them and for the sake of keeping this post at a reasonable length, I didn't include everything we did. (Please bear with me)

We did get a few souvenirs, including a Louis Vuitton for me!!! (Mark absolutely loves me, I'm so grateful!!) I will be making a completely separate blog post about it because I know there's quite a few Louis lovers out there! 

If you've been to Vegas before please comment down below what the best places to eat at or the best shows or things to go to are - we're hopefully planning to go again this December! 

Thanks so much for reading today's post! - Kaylee 💋

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