Saturday, August 5, 2017

Tying the Knot!

It's OFFICIAL! Mark and I are getting married!!! He proposed on July 24th, 2017. So I've officially been an engaged woman for 13 days! 

We haven't told anyone yet, just because I need to emotionally prepare myself for everything - I have a very big family outside of my immediates and that's not including any of Mark's family. And before we tell everyone, we kind of want to have an idea of what we want so we don't get pushed into someone else's idea of a perfect day. As of right now, we're thinking something small and intimate and then a 2 week honeymoon either in Mexico, Jamaica or the Bahamas! I really wanted to go to Europe but Mark's not too into that idea. I'm not worried about it though, we'll make it there one day. 

I have already set up a work binder and have bought a couple books and magazines to help me out! I will likely either make a video or another blog post about this (if any of you would like), as I found it really difficult to find a system that actually worked with my specifications and expectations of what I wanted it to include. 

Anyways, this isn't going to be a super long post, I'd just like to update you on this special little life event! 😊

Thanks so much for reading! 

Kaylee 💕

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