Saturday, September 16, 2017

Doin' The "Puyallup"

So, when I was younger, my family and I would move around a lot. I moved almost every single year of school up until 6th grade where I moved 3 times and we finally settled in Puyallup, Washington. Thankfully, we stayed there until I graduated high school at Rogers. (Ugh, 3 years ago) Anyways, Puyallup had a fair, 2 times a year - one in September and one in April. In the fall, when we were all back in school, all of the students in the Puyallup School District would get a free admission ticket to the Puyallup fair. So every year, my friends and I would all go! 

Since graduating high school, I've been to the fair once, so it's about time we go again! 

Now, I'll admit going to the fair - for us at least - isn't what it used to be. We mainly go for the food now. There are a few main things I go for while we're here, and if you're ever in town or planning to visit Washington in September and are able to make it out here, here is my list of foods you should try!: 

  • Roasted Corn: While it is very easy to make at home, there's just something about eating it at the fair! 
  • Texas Sized Turkey Leg: This for me, is very hard to eat, so grab a table and hope you don't catch yourself wearing a white t-shirt! 
  • Carmel Apple: Marcoe's Candy Apples are the best! Don't you dare try to buy any other! And definitely, ask for them to be cut into slices of 6 - especially if you have little ones! (And, quick little fact about me, I worked for them a couple years for the fair back when I was still in school!)
  • Elephant Ear: The best ones are made inside the food court! Regular cinnamon sugar is my favorite. You can ask for it to be made a little extra crispy but I love them doughy. 
  • Scones: Now, I'll be honest these aren't my favorite - I don't personally think they're as amazing as everyone makes them out to be, but they're good and I definitely recommend you try them at least once! 
But food is only one of the many, many things you can experience here. They have live animals, horses, goats, sheep, piglets, dogs and cats! Several rides and roller coasters - including the classic Ferris wheel. They have the expo center where they have many different types of vendors that range from cleaning supplies, cooking supplies, to beauty and health care and jewelry! In fact, the product I use to clean my jewelry (shown in my post here) has a booth every year and they offer free ring cleaning! 

I always take a walk through the expo center just to see if I find anything I like and to get my ring cleaned (of course). But my favorite walks are the ones through the animal barns!

Here is the cutest baby cow with its momma!
And the teeniest baby pygmy goat, just 2 weeks old! 
This is the hybrid of a zebra and a donkey! 

And my all-time favorite - the piglet palace! As a Washingtonian, I do follow the "Washington State" fair on my Facebook and I had recently seen that one of the momma pigs had given birth! So I was super excited for this year. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the same newborn piglets I had seen on Facebook but I did get to see other baby ones and ones that were just born last Tuesday (sorry, I didn't catch a picture of those ones).

It was a really quick trip for us this year but we had a good time nonetheless! The newly renamed "Washington State" fair will always be the Puyallup Fair to me but it really is a state attraction now. Besides all the traffic it creates around here... (By the way, I completely recommend taking the bus that leaves the South Hill mall parking lot every 15 minutes.) It makes me happy to see how much it has grown! 

Thank you all for reading today's blog post, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading about my little life events as much as I love to write about them! Comment down below what your favorite fair food is! Until next week - Kaylee 💋

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