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Whistler, BC Canada
While this post might seem a little premature, (and I don't know about you but) ever since the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year I have been soooo excited for fall! And you know what? I think fall is my favorite season. All my recent fall memories involve starting school again with my new outfits, leaves on the ground, and high school football games. 

But now, I'm an adult. I have a job that I love, my wonderful fiance and so many new memories to make! And strange as it feels to say, we currently don't have any other trips planned for the rest of the year - yet. However, last year we took a few trips to Canada, the particular two were in November and the second, for my birthday in December. Both of those trips, I was terribly unprepared for the blistering winter cold. 

The entire time I was going over my mother's words in my head "you'll need this [heavy and puffy] coat one day, Kaylee". I completely regretted not taking advantage of whatever sale was going on when my mother had shown them to me. I had simply brushed it off because where I live in Washington, we don't usually get a lot of snow - if anything it's a week or two of a couple inches of dirty black slush along the sides of the roads (usually due to all the rain that washes the snow away). 

So this year, I got incredibly lucky and found several pieces that I am sure to find super useful this coming fall and winter season. I got a couple of them on a clearance sale so if they're available anywhere online, I will try to link where you can order them for yourself. 

The first piece I got was the Kendi Knee High UGG boot! You might be able to find them for a slightly lesser price online - but they are discontinued now so sizes are very limited elsewhere. This boot, I was completely ecstatic for. When I came across them I knew immediately that I had to order it. And for reference, I did get my true size of 7.5, I could've gotten an 8 and I would've if I wanted to wear thicker socks but I personally don't care for them that much. These are fully lined on the inside so they will keep me super warm and they have such a nice look - very sleek and put together. They definitely don't look like I'm about to go hiking in the woods on a weekend trip to the cabin! 

Another thing I was in dire need of was a good, high quality sweatshirt that was going to last my a long time. After a long search, I found the Sarasee Fleece Hoodie by UGG! I was hesitant to buy it at first but I have always been really impressed with UGG's quality so I decided to just order it and I am so glad that I did! The fleece is a different kind of fleece that isn't the typical to regular sweatshirts (unless I've just been buying the wrong kind of sweatshirts). I'm super happy with these and I know that these will last me a long time. I did size up to a Medium as I normally do with sweaters and all sweatshirts and it fits comfortably oversized while still looking really put together. Here is where I found it on sale! I ordered the light heather gray and the black heather gray. There are only a few left so grab one while you can, I promise you it's worth it!

Also, off the same website I got the sweatshirt from - I got another pair of boots! Sorry - not sorry - as you get to know me, you will find that I am such a boots girl. I absolutely love boots, I have one or two pairs of everything else but I have several pairs of boots. These were a pair of Adirondrack Genuine Sheepskin Boots by UGG (again)! Now... I have had my eye on these for such a long time, but again, I've brushed them off due to the snow levels in my city. But after my trips to Canada last year I figured since they were at such a good price, I just had to get them. They have a few sizes left in the brown (which was the color I chose) but they also have black available. Definitely size up in these, I had to reorder mine for a size 8. They do have a removable lining inside and with out it - they were actually too big for my feet but the lining is also what makes the shoe super comfortable so I definitely wanted to keep them in. And in a 7.5 even with a normal sock, they were just a tad too tight for me. My mom actually ended up keeping the original size 7.5 ones I had ordered for myself, lol! They have wonderful reviews all over the internet, they feel so nice and sturdy, the brown looks great with a pair of jeans and a flannel - which is exactly what I pictured them with when I first saw them. The link I've provided has an incredible sale price on them so if you're even considering them - get them now!! 

Goodness gracious - I've just realized that the last three items of my haul here have all been by UGG. I literally didn't even think about this before I began writing... So, I can safely say that UGG does not disappoint! And if you haven't realized yet either, my favorite store is Nordstrom Rack. Ask Mark, ask my mom, ask my sister and really anyone that knows me - I am all about that store. And no, this post is not sponsored by neither UGG or Nordstrom Rack, lol! 

Alright so moving along, my next two pieces were from the North Face. The first one being one of the classic windbreakers. I just so happened to snag a white 'Resolve Plus' Waterproof Jacket at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale this year. I had one of these many, many years ago when I was in 9th grade. I absolutely loved it despite everyone having one, but back then I also wore a backpack. With that particular version I had, whatever the material it was coated in on the inside began to crack and tear and separate from the rest of the lining right on the shoulders where my backpack would rest the heaviest. So I'm super happy to say that this particular version has a completely different lining on the inside! And I've come to realize that they also come with a limited lifetime warranty (one I did not realize came with the jackets when I had gotten my first one). Also, I do feel like maybe they run a little small (width-wise) because I would've normally kept the small but I did size up to a Medium which I can safely fit one of the UGG sweatshirts underneath for extra warmth. I have still not decided if I am going to keep the white one, I love it but Mark and his jeep will absolutely ruin it so I might exchange it for the black... But I am super excited to get to enjoy another one of my favorite pieces this next coming season. 

This next piece came into my closet thanks to my sweet, sweet fiance who gave me his credit card and let me run with it, lol. I had just gotten rid of a thin, in-door kind of vest (which I had worn to death for the past year) and decided I really wanted a puffy one. I had my eye on this particular vest for about a year or so now and I'm so glad I had finally decided just to order it. This one was little on the pricey side - I'll admit but I did receive my Nordstrom note earlier last month so I saved $40 off (thank goodness). It was a black Nupste 2 Down Vest! I absolutely love it, it's very warm the only thing is that all read that it runs big and I'm not so sure that's true... I'm normally a size small so I got a size small and it fit just fine, I do have a little bit of a heavier chest so that might be why I just don't feel it any looser but the shoulders fit perfectly and the length is just right. I would suggest trying this on in person if you can, other wise order your regular size. 

For the sake of the blog post, since it is a haul - I'm currently working on a fall/winter collective haul for my Youtube channel. Once it is up, I will go ahead and put it here so you can watch the rest of all the goodies I've recently acquired for the following couple of seasons. Check back soon for that! 😉

But otherwise, these are just a few of the key pieces I've gotten so far! I'm super super happy with each and every one of them. I certainly will not be replacing these anytime soon as they were definitely a little bit of an investment and I know that they will all last me a really long time. 

Thanks so much reading today, let me know if you are taking trips for the fall or winter season and where you're going! - Kaylee 💋

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