Saturday, September 2, 2017


For the many of you who don't know, Hometown Throwdown is one of the many country music concerts we have here in Washington state. I know, I know, so many people hate country music - whatever! Mark is actually the only reason I like country music. Before him, I knew a couple songs here and there - really only the ones I liked - but now I can actually say that yes, I do like country music! 

This was our first year going to Hometown Throwdown, I've heard of it many times before but I never really cared enough to attend. And this year, we had actually purchased Watershed 2017 tickets (another country music concert - one of the biggest) but ended up selling them as I couldn't take enough time off of work for all the things we had planned, including our trip to Arizona with Mark's family. However, I went to last years (2016) Watershed and it was incredible!

The lineup for Hometown Throwdown this year was actually pretty decent, they featured Justine Moore, Canaan Smith, and Dylan Scott just to name a few! It was held at the Enumclaw Expo Center and it's an all day outdoor concert - thank goodness for the weather! I was starting to worry because it had gotten cloudy for a couple days here last week that I almost thought the rain was going to come back, but the forecast proved to be true at a peak of 89 degrees! I totally sunburned, which is really surprising since I didn't sunburn when I went to AZ...

As you can clearly see - Mark had a ton of fun. This was his first concert where he was legally allowed to drink! Unfortunately for me, the only really had beers and this hard cider - which surprisingly tasted like apple juice and was pretty good. I don't typically drink beer though, so I did have 3 margarita's that unfortunately didn't do much for me.

But nonetheless, it was a great time with random people we would meet here and there. Also, it wouldn't be a real concert if there wasn't a fight! We couldn't quite figure out why he was being tackled but I had seen 3 security people run and then all of a sudden this weirdo was being tackled right in front of us. Then another one - trying to defend him started trying to pick a fight with the security people and he got tackled, and he actually had to be carried away, lol! 

People are crazy. 😓

We did try a couple things out from the food vendors they had there, we first had a barbecue pulled pork sandwich which was less than pleasing after having tasted the kind of barbecue they had (nasty). And then we tried the bacon cheeseburgers! It was classic but they were delicious and they were actually a really decent size with fresh tomato and lettuce which I actually don't ever really see at fairs and other concerts such as ones like this one. My personal rating on that one was a 7.5 out of 10. (This reminds me, I will be doing a top list blog post about Mark and I's favorite restaurants ever & what we've ordered from them so - subscribe to be notified when that does come along here soon! 😉)

All in all, country concerts are super fun and I think everyone should go to at least one in their lifetime. It's not all about drinking beer sitting out on the dock and fishing - I promise! For us at least - it's a lot of love songs that (at least) in our relationship are tied to really good memories we've made and places we've been to. Then after dark when they start playing the ending music and people finally start leaving we take our place on the "dance floor" and dance to songs together until the parking lot has cleared a bit. 

We had such a wonderful time, and I honestly think this might be our last concert for the year, which is so sad because we've gone to so many this year but if it has to end, it was a great one for it to end on. 

Thanks so much for reading today's blog post! Let me know in the comments your favorite concert that you've ever been to & who you went to see OR if you've never been, who would you like to see? I love many types of music, and would love to chat with you and swap good song suggestions to add to my personal playlist! -Kaylee 💋

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