Saturday, September 30, 2017

How To Deal With Stress

September has been such a busy month. Is anyone else glad it's over? Because I have had one hell of a month. If you've read in some of my other posts, I've recently started moving again. Our last day is today, September 30th - the current end of our lease. We had a huge delay in our application with the new apartment complex we had chosen. It was a complete nightmare - what was only supposed to take a few days, literally took almost two weeks. Needless to say, I've been feeling like a complete mess. 

So now that everything has been taken care of and we're all moved into our new apartment, I've come up with a list of things that helped me get through it. Everybody's situation is different but I sincerely hope it can help you get refocused and a bit refreshed as you continue to go on about your daily schedules. 

1// Slow Down:
First things first, close your eyes and breathe. Lay down and take a moment to stretch, all of your muscles are tight and would greatly benefit from it. Yoga is really good as most of you have probably heard... And while it'll help, I'm not here to tell you to do yoga. I'm here to tell you to slow down. Move slower, talk slower, type slower, breathe a little slower... It has really, really helped me calm down. It can definitely be something you might have to think about to be able to do because you have all these things running through your head and you just feel like you need to sprint to get caught up but everything will be just fine, I promise. You need a moment, you're human.

2// Eat:
Besides this actually being something you need to do multiple times a day, every day, this is really important when it comes to being stressed. And yes, I understand it can vary from person to person given how individual people react to stress but it's important to eat healthily. It only makes you feel worse if you're stuffing your face with a greasy cheeseburger from McDonald's in the breakroom or in your car because you're late and on your way to an appointment. That being said, don't skip out on lunch - if there's absolutely no other way around it, bring snacks! Almonds, a banana, an apple, an energy bar - anything - it's always better than nothing but I cannot stress how important it is to eat something that's actually good for you. 

And yes, I know. It can be difficult to even want to eat at times like these because believe me, I lose my appetite and forget to eat too but this will make it one less thing to worry about. (Also, I don't know about you but, I'm definitely someone that gets hangry.) And after you're done with all your work - by all means - treat yourself with whatever you'd like! You might end up feeling less guilty about it too.

3// Sleep:
So this is probably the hardest one to accomplish - even if you're not stressed. And I can't tell you how many nights I spent in the past two weeks just tossing and turning in my bed, what I can say is that it catches up to you - and that's when you need to take advantage. If your schedule allows for it, take a nap. A three to four-hour nap typically does it for me but if you're able to go to bed at 7 at night and sleep through it then by all means. Stress, while ironically being the reason why you can't sleep, is equally as exhausting. So if you're tired, rest. Listen to your body. 
4// Be Positive: 
I feel like this is a hard one for most people, including myself because when something isn't going as planned or it feels like the entire world is going to collapse, I start to worry about ridiculous things that haven't even happened yet. And then I start to freak out because all of these things are being blown out of proportion - even things that I know would never happen because, in actuality, I have other options or choices. And then, I get stuck thinking about worst case scenarios that I can't even focus on what's at hand. This is truly the worst thing you can do. This is what will push you over the edge every single time and if you haven't felt it yet, you will one day. But this is when you know that you're only making things worse for yourself. 

I was recently watching a video about the law of attraction. I'm going to be reading a little bit more about it so maybe I'll blog about it one day but the basic gist of it is that you attract what you put out into the world. And I cannot agree more, if you're being negative and saying you won't achieve something or that you won't make it to where you want to be, the truth of the matter is that you won't. It's a certainty. So I know it's hard, and you will have to remind yourself time and time again but it will help tremendously to lift your spirits and the unwanted stress. 
5// Manage Your Time:
Once you have taken care of all your other basic needs of survival, you will need to learn to manage your time. And this is something that a lot of people believe is a born-talent, but truly, it's not. My mother, for example, hates writing anything down and she's usually the only one who forgets things or ends up being late. I do think that I'm quite the opposite partially due to the fact that my mother has this bad habit, but it's not something hard to learn - you just have to want to manage your time wisely. I don't know how many times I've bought my mom planners, how many she actually still has and doesn't touch them. She straight out refuses to use them. And that's not something that anybody can help anyone with, it all starts with you. 

So after you decide that it's something you really want to do, you will need to find out what style planner works best for you. There are a million and a half different planners out there so here's my short list of ones that I've personally used and actually liked:

  • Blue Sky: You can typically find at Target, and usually under $20 USD, depending on the style and size of the planner. The layouts for each and every planner is different so take a look at every single one so you can choose which might best suit your lifestyle. (Tip: currently has some sales going on!)
  • Day Designer: This one is the most recent planner I've been using, it is quite higher in price point but I am loving it, I have the flagship, daily planner. The layouts are the same for each planner, except for the A5 Luxe collection because those are refillable and they offer a few other things that I personally don't use but they are really nice and worth taking a look at! These planners are only available online and through limited boutiques. (Day Designer does collaborate with Blue Sky though so if this one is a little more than what you want to spend, I absolutely recommend checking those. Again, available at Target.)

Or, if you're absolutely, positively just not a paper and pencil kind of person, check out the Google Calendar App! I don't use it on a daily basis but it does make it easy for me to highlight the important things and set reminders for myself when I'm out and about and when I don't or can't have my planner with me. To go along, I also use Google Keep to make quick notes or to do lists and it syncs up to all of your other devices automatically. 

Using whatever kind of planning method that suits you best will help you keep track of all your day to day activities and appointments or tasks. Ultimately this will result in a lot less panic and stress because nothing will come as a surprise. The only thing that'll be left is to go through and actually prepare for or perform the tasks to be done. 

Now, I'll be the first to admit that I'm not perfect in any single way and when life starts to get hectic, I start to forget the minor but very important things I need to do to help myself from becoming stressed. So these are just a few of things that I and many others often overlooked during those times. Even using a planner - the very thing that keeps you organized when all hell breaks loose - can become a challenge to use at times. You just have to remember to take it one task at a time, one day at a time and you'll eventually find yourself through whatever mess you feel like you're in. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts or any other tips you might find useful in the comments section below. Thanks for reading today! - Kaylee 💋

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips. I totally understand the stress of moving. When I was studying at university I moved about 4-5 times. Each time was stressful!

    I especially like your tip about managing your time. I'm so bad with time management so it's definitely something I need to work on. If i can manage my time more effectively then I'm sure that'll be a big step in dealing with some of my stress.

  2. YES to eating! Even if it's just a stressful morning at work, I often put off eating which is terrible for you. These are great tips and I hope October is slower & nicer for you :)