Saturday, October 21, 2017


Happy Saturday! Yes, it's true! I'm pregnant! I just found out on Monday, the 16th. The days are flying by and little baby is growing so fast so I've decided to take a completely different approach to blogging. This is not to say that it won't continue - I think in fact that it'll actually give me more things to talk about but I do apologize for anyone looking forward to the Friday Favorite blog posts since I didn't post yesterday and I didn't post on time today... They will continue, I was just so unprepared for this and I completely lost track of everything so I don't know for sure when everything will be back to normal but I will be back to posting soon!

I will be posting my pregnancy journey mostly on Youtube - I'm not sure if I'll blog about it as much just because I find that it'll be a little repetitive but we'll see how it goes. I'm just going to keep this short and simple. We have not told our family yet, just a few of my own friends know and we are planning to do a formal announcement. So if you're family and you're reading this... Please understand and be patient - it'll all be worth it! I will also announce my blog and my Youtube channel once everyone knows so that they can all go back and follow this story from the very beginning. Until then, here is my very first pregnancy vlog where I talk a little bit about my symptoms and cravings, as well as show my currently non-existent bump! 

Again, thanks to everyone being patient and understanding, baby and I are super grateful! 
- Kaylee 💋

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