Saturday, October 14, 2017

Meet Luna!

Hey everyone!! I'm so sorry for the really late blog post today! I had one set up to finish and have ready for today but I never got around to it because I got my kitty!!! Everyone, meet little Luna - the black cat! 😁

Guys, I'm so, so in love with her! She is super sweet and super talkative too! She's adjusting to our new home here with us so well and she's such a good, well-behaved kitty. She loves to cuddle too! That was super important to me when I started looking for kittens... I know they're young but they all seem to already have their likes and dislikes. She will be 12 weeks on Monday, the 16th! 

I've had her since Wednesday, and we finally took her to the vet today. She weighs 2 pounds, 13 oz and is a really long kitty according to the nurse. (No wonder she looks bigger in all the pictures). 

It was so funny sitting in the vet's office, an older dog was checking out and Luna was sitting there literally growling at the dog. She was so cute! I am a little worried it'll take some work to get her used to dogs but in our household, it'll probably be a while before that happens. She seems to do well with other kittens so far but at the moment, we want to keep her at home with just herself until she has gotten all of her shots... 

I do plan on training her a little bit, two things like sitting and walking on a leash are huge for me. I would like her to know a few basic things as I think it would make it a lot easier for us when it comes to having other pets in the house. She's doing well with her harness already, doesn't even really fight me to get it on, she's just a little too small for it at the moment (same with her collar). 

She seems to really like chicken, between salmon and chicken flavored treats she definitely prefers the chicken one. Probably because she loves chicken pate, lol! However, we did have to treat her for worms today... Poor baby has been sleeping since we got home, she doesn't seem to feel too good. I keep checking on her though, don't worry - I am on top of this! 

Thank you all so much for being patient with me. This will definitely not be the only post about her, I do plan on updating you guys on everything that's going on - as I'm sure she'll be featured in other posts... If anyone you guys out there are cat lovers, here is her Instagram page... Little_Luna_The_BlackCat. YES, I am that cat mom. But really, it's for me and I don't want to annoy anyone on my own page with a million and a half dozen pictures of her, lol. Anyways, I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend! - Kaylee & Luna 💗

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